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When my son Myles was just over 2 years old, I was told that he more than likely would never be able to hold a conversation, attend school like all the other children, understand or comprehend soci…
Mama, it’s your love that turns your child’s disability into an ability. A moment of fear into an act of bravery.
The research suggests that genetics underlie how children seek out formative social experiences like making eye contact or observing facial expressions.
Buried deep inside your muscle tissue may be the secret answer to your flagging energy, growing waist size, and declining health. Take action now.
Are you a perfectionist? Do you spend a lot of time “perfecting” your work,so everything comes out the way you want it to? I believe all of us are perfecti
Eckhart Tolle is a famous spiritual teacher promoting mindfulness and living in the now. His teachings often contradict what we are taught in the west.…
Life is short. Youth is finite. You have every opportunity to make the most of the life you have right now.
The guys who invented the toga party can teach us about living well.
Underneath the unique behaviors of my daughter with autism is a very real kid, with a very real heart and a real but incredible brain.
Stress isn’t about your schedule—it’s about your state of mind
The five stages of breaking up with the sweet stuff.
The road to happiness is not paved with money. Here’s how to teach your children to be more mindful and less self-centered…
Advocating is forever a part of special-needs parenting. But don’t forget that the way we present our kids to the world is the way they’ll see themselves.
Happiness is something that everybody wants but is misunderstood by many people. Happiness doesn’t come by accident or as a coincidence. It is an intenti…
If you’re feeling run-down on the reg, this MD says these 5 health conditions—and not lack of sleep—could be to blame.
French women don’t get fat and, as it turns out, neither do French kids.
Confidence and mental strength often go hand in hand.
Early in the morning, during lunchtime or evening — runners always need to navigate the balance of run times with meal timing to maintain a placid stomach, prevent hunger and boost energy.
Setting new goals and constantly challenging ourselves is how we grow.
Some of life’s most important lessons need to be reviewed to be remembered. Keep this short list handy and give it a read any time you need to get your mindset back on track.