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PicWits! (Game) Sharpen Your Social Wits!


I am so excited to be collaborating with Jenn Choi, editor from www.ToysareTools.com.  Her website is a wonderful resource for both parents and therapists looking for fun, educational toys for their children/clients.  It is a win-win situation–she sends me AWESOME toys to review and then we get to have a fun “chat” about what my “expert” opinion is.  Below, is the most recent review she did on PicWits–I think you will find her insights to be incredibly helpful, thorough and informative.

WHAT: PicWits! from Mindware
INVENTOR: Nicolas Cravotta and Rebecca Bleau (Blue Matter Games)
 practice being flexible and fun with language; practice being a better social communicator

INVEST: $24.95
AGES:10 and up (you may be able to go lower with adult guidance)
TOOLS: Flexibility is My Superpower, Foment Love of Language, Lose and Win Gracefully

EXPERT OPINION: Nicole Kolenda, M.S., CCC-SLP, P.C., Speech & Language Pathologist 
GIVEAWAY:  Win your own box of PicWits!

I am a huge fan of Howard Gardner and so I believe that humans possess different kinds of smarts.  However, if you asked me which profession has THE SMARTEST PEOPLE, I would take off my HG-groupie uniform for a quick minute and give you an answer. But you may be surprised, I would not say brain surgeon, rocket scientist, or professor of ancient languages.  Actually, I would say that the smartest people in the world are comedians.

Come on. You know who I’m talking about, those people who tell joke after joke after joke? They make it up right there on the spot!  There is no prepping, no memorizing and definitely no cheating.  There is definitely no cheating when a person can make you laugh so hard that you cry… or pee… or both.

I suppose you can train to become a comedian but some people are harder to teach than others.  The good news is this kind of teaching and learning can be done. It really can! So… if you have one of those kids who have a hard time understanding meanings of jokes or really any play on words then you are going to want to invest in PicWits!  This game totally rocks!

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