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Welcome to the Voice For Possibility Podcast!

My name is Nicole Kolenda, and I am absolutely obsessed with finding and sharing stories of possibility.

I've been a pediatric speech language pathologist for over 20 years, and I wear many “hats”.  As a professor, a mentor, a therapist, and a mother I want to help women understand their power to break through the fears of what we consider to be attainable.

I started this podcast to share the stories of strong, courageous women who are living out their very own versions of extraordinary possibility.

In October of 2020, right after I recorded Season 1 of this podcast, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was found during a routine mammogram that I had put off a bit due to the pandemic.  I was 44 years old. Since this moment, I too, have been sharing my story in hopes to help others.

This season, we will dive deeper to show that no matter what the obstacle is before us, there is ALWAYS a possibility. 

As I navigate this world immediately after cancer, I also continue to seek out possibilities.  This diagnosis is beckoning me, every day to be present and find joy, and to figure out what is possible when things can sometimes feel impossible.

My hope is to inspire you to do the same.

#32 Persistence Creates Possibility
Amy Jordan

Amy Jordan is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, fitness expert, and choreographer. She is also the Founder and Artistic Director of The Victory Dance Project. After surviving numerous life altering events including being hit and run over by an express bus, Amy made the choice to never give up. She shares her powerful story with Nicole Kolenda.

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season FOUR- #31 Creating Possibility One Voice At A Time with Dr. María Rosa Brea

#31 Creating Possibility One Voice At A Time
Dr. María Rosa Brea

This week’s new episode of the #VoiceForPossibility features a friend and colleague of Nicole Kolenda. Dr. María Rosa Brea is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at New York University. Dr. Brea is a Dominican, immigrant, bilingual speaker, a critical teacher-scholar-activist whose work has been centered at the intersection of multilingualism and disability. In this episode Nicole and Maria discuss how they are making impacts through their life changing work.

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Finding Possibility and Power after Cancer with Jen Delvaux

#30 Finding Possibility and Power after Cancer
Jen Delvaux

Nicole is joined by Jen Delvaux, a health and fitness coach and founder of Team Empower Nation. In February 2021, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had always enjoyed researching new health hacks prior to her cancer diagnosis, but now she has made it her mission to help others take back the power over their diagnosis as well as to thrive during and after treatments.

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season FOUR- #29 Creating Possibility with Speech Language Pathology with Amy Graham

#29 Creating Possibility with Speech Language Pathology
Amy Graham

Amy is a speech-language pathologist or SLP and owner of Graham Speech Therapy, a private practice in Colorado Springs that specializes in pediatric speech sound disorders. Amy frequently travels across the country to train SLPs on various evidence-based practices regarding the assessment and treatment of Speech Sound Disorders and is the creator of numerous Speech Sound Disorder-specific assessment and therapy resources. Together Nicole and Amy discuss how they create possibility through speech language pathology.

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#28 Creating Possibility For Women’s Health with Nieca Goldberg

#28 Creating Possibility For Women’s Health
Nieca Goldberg

Dr. Nieca (neesa) Goldberg is the Medical Director of Atria–New York City and a Clinical Associate Professor at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine. She is also the Co-Medical Director of the 92nd Street Y’s Cardio Rehab Program, a cardiologist, author, and the host of her brand new podcast, Beyond The Heart.

Dr. Goldberg is a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association and started the “Go Red for Women ” campaign–+which was launched in 2004.

Before joining Atria New York City, she was the medical director of NYU Women’s Heart Program and also the Senior Advisor of Women’s Health Strategy at NYU Langone Health.

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season FOUR- #27 The Choice To Be Alive with Catherine Duncan

#27 The Choice To Be Alive
Catherine Duncan

The past few years have been challenging for all of us, many of us experience loss, loneliness, death and grief. As we are learning to live in a post-pandemic world we are also learning to choose to be present in our life.

Today’s guest on the #VoiceforPossibility is an expert in choosing LIFE.

Catherine Duncan is an Integrative Spiritual Consultant, Holistic Healer, Inspirational Speaker, Blogger, and Minister, committed to whole-person healing with a focus on emotional and spiritual health.

As a childhood cancer survivor and having lived through a Near Death Experience

@catherineduncanmabcc guided by both professional and personal experiences. Catherine has a deep reverence for exploring the sacredness and meaning of life.

Her book, Everyday Awakening was just released!

This interview is vulnerable, eye opening and illuminating. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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Choosing To Be Enough with Dina Scippa

#26 Choosing To Be Enough
Dina Scippa

Are you ready to feel enough, no matter where you are, how you look or what you have?

I know I am, and I recently had a fascinating chat with a woman who is an expert in “enoughness”

Dina Scippa is the Founder and CEO of @EnoughLabs. As an empowerment and confidence coach for women and girls, she runs an unapologetically feminist social platform as well as her podcast, Embracing Enough.

Dina is a recognized gender equality and women’s empowerment expert with over 17 years experience in power dynamics, social inclusion, intersectionality and privilege.

Together Dina and I explore why women never feel like they are enough and how there is a possibility to love ourselves…just as we are.

I’d love to hear from YOU in the comments below about what your biggest take away from this conversation was.

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season FOUR- #25 Finding Possibility After Loss - gina moffa

#25 Finding Possibility After Loss with
Gina Moffa

Gina Moffa is a psychotherapist for almost 20 years who has an active private practice in Manhattan, where she specializes in the many faces of grief and loss. 

She also focuses on helping people to navigate uncertain, complicated life transitions. Most recently, she is preparing to launch her first book: Moving on Doesn’t Mean Letting Go: A Modern Guide to Navigating Loss with GCP Balance. Together, Nicole and Gina discuss her personal journey with grief and how today she is helping people find possibility on the other side of this challenging emotion.

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Nicole Kolenda Podcast

#24 Finding Possibility Within The Pause
Nicole Kolenda

As Nicole Kolenda wraps up season 3 of The Voice For Possibility podcast, she’s sharing a message that she would love her audience to embrace: finding possibility within the pause. In this episode, Nicole shares how she has found impactful ways to slow down to thrive. While Nicole prepares for the return of her podcast after a brief hiatus, she will be focusing on this significant act.

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Sara Gross - The Possibility of Being Feisty Podcast

#23 The Possibility of Being Feisty
Sara Gross

The founder and CEO of Live Feisty, Sara Gross, believes that through storytelling, education, and community building we can shift the dial to a more inclusive culture for female athletes and active women and girls. The most feisty thing Sara has ever done is start a media company with no clue how to actually do that. Today, Feisty media continues to support and empower female athletes at all levels of performance, and is ever-expanding. Sara shares her empowering visual with Nicole in this affirming interview.

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Navigating The Challenges of Motherhood

#22 Navigating The Challenges of Motherhood
Isabelle Forbes Fitzgerald

Isabelle Forbes Fitzgerald is a storyteller & truth seeker who writes essays and stories that discuss topics from motherhood to marriage to family dynamics and trauma. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Rumpus, Yahoo Parenting, Brain Child, and Mama Glow.

She’s presently at work on a memoir about motherhood, identity, and healing. In this empowering interview, Nicole and Isabelle explore ways to find possibility while navigating early motherhood.

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Pilar Artheur Snead - changing the game of running podcast with Nicole Kolenda

#21 Changing The Game of Running
Pilar Arthur-Snead

Pilar Arthur-Snead is an RRCA Certified Run Coach (and host of The Last Tenth podcast) and believes that fitness is for everyBODY, no matter their age, size, shape, gender, current ability or physical limitation. In this conversation with Nicole, Pilar shares her belief that the only thing a runner needs is a commitment to the training process and the motivation to be one’s best self. She seeks to empower and inspire highly motivated individuals and change seekers, to move their bodies and strengthen their minds.

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Kathe Crawford Podcast

#20 Unlocking Secrets to Create Possibility
Kathe Crawford

Kathe Crawford combines her expertise gained in her many years as a successful sales executive with the life lessons she’s learned to support women through her coaching practice. Through her memoir, Unlocking Secrets, she helps people understand that we all have a story, a past, a challenge, and trauma. Kathe takes the reader on her lifelong quest for love and belonging and the ultimate moment when she learns the only way to heal is to open her heart to the truth. Kathe’s profound bravery that she shares in her conversation with Nicole is both impactful and everlasting.

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Danielle Dick, podcast

#19 What’s Possible when you understand your genetic code
Danielle Dick, PhD

Danielle Dick, Ph.D. is the Commonwealth Professor of both Psychology and Human and Molecular Genetics at Virginia Commonwealth University. Here she directs a research institute on behavioral and emotional health. Her research focuses on how genetic and environmental influences contribute to the development of patterns of substance use and related behaviors.

She is an internationally recognized award-winning expert on genetic and environmental influences on human behavior. In this fascinating conversation Nicole and Danielle discuss the many ways that our genetics affects our lives, personalities, choices and parenting.

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Mai Ling Chan Podcast

#18 Being an Advocate to Create Possibility
Mai Ling Chan

Mai Ling Chan works exclusively with people who are committed to supporting the disability community and shows up to help others find the best versions of themselves. Mai Ling proudly represents the global vision of XceptionalLEARNING as the liaison to international disability-focused thought leaders. She’s the co-host of an internationally recognized podcast and has published three Amazon Kindle Best Selling books. On top of this, she has worked with an amazing team of technology experts to create the world’s first brain-computer interface technology for AAC. Nicole and Mai discuss the importance of being an advocate for creating possibility.

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Building Community Through Resilience - VFP S3 E17

#17 Building Community Through Resilience
Dana Klein & Gina Meyer

Dana is a coach, marathoner, wife, mother and founder of True Potential Running. She understands how our personal circumstances impact what we need as athletes, and she loves encouraging others as they begin their running journeys. Gina is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who founded two successful practices on both the East and West Coast. She is the founder and host of the Rise Resolute Podcast. In this impactful episode these three women discuss how to build a community while facing life’s obstacles.

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