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Welcome to the Voice For Possibility Podcast!

My name is Nicole Kolenda, and I am absolutely obsessed with finding and sharing stories of possibility.

In addition to being a pediatric speech language pathologist for over 20 years, I wear many “hats” as an educator, mentor, professor, supervisor, therapist and mother. I created the Voice for Possibility Podcast to help women understand the power we all have to break through the fears of what we consider possible.

Just days after recording this podcast, I was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram.

With surgery looming, I am in the midst of my journey and continue to seek out possibilities in the uncertainty ahead. The diagnosis is beckoning me every single day to be present, to seek out joy, and to find what's possible amidst the seemingly impossible.

I will continue to share my story and the stories of other strong, courageous women who are living examples of extraordinary possibility. My hope is that this podcast inspires you to find possibilities in your own life and to seek out your own greatness, starting today.

The Power of Personal Choice
Stef Ziev

Stef Ziev is a former TV executive turned life and executive coach who helps people choose to live and lead with more joy and freedom. She heals what divides us from the inside out through our choices, and fiercely reminds people they have the power to permit themselves to choose. She’s recently launched her Podcast called Permission to Choose, which is a wonderful combination of tough love and cheerleading to name the places where we hide and keep ourselves stuck, and ultimately release the beliefs that keep us there. Stef and Nicole discuss the ways that we can make empowered choices to help create the lives we want to live.

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