Special Needs Mom Coach

Supporting/Nurturing Special Needs Moms

Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurological differences as well as language/learning challenges and mental health disorders are not the only ones who need support—their moms (and caregivers) do as well!  For almost 20 years, I have watched the moms of the clients I was treating quadruple their stress load and take on too much without paying attention to their own needs. These are the moms I work with; many have personal health concerns/stress/chronic fatigue “burn-out”, etc.  Some are in relationships that are failing.  All are special—just like their children.

Why Nicole?

Nicole’s 20+ years of experience working as a SLP (Speech Language Pathologist), primarily with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), combined with her coaching certification from IIN have given her a wealth of information and a world of perspective. Nicole will guide you through tough decisions on treatment, team management, future goals and much more. However, her true aim is to improve your overall well-being, which in turn will help your entire family.

How It Works

How To Work Together

We figure out together, what feels best.  I see clients anywhere from 1x per month to 1x per week for one hour.  Many prefer the ease and flexibility of having these sessions via Skype but phone and in-office (Manhattan) are also available.

Session Notes

Once our session is finished, I will email you notes detailing what we discussed and highlighting the “main points” of our time together.  These notes will serve as a good reference for you and a way to track progress over time.

Contact me!

Please introduce yourself and send me your comments, questions, concerns.

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