Workshops & Guest Lecturing

Nicole has taught at major universities throughout Manhattan and Long Island and is frequently asked to conduct relevant workshops at parent organizations and local schools. If your organization or event should require a pediatric specialist contact Nicole.

Topics Spoken On Include:

  • Child development
  • Infant and toddler learning styles
  • How to increase language development
  • What to do if you suspect your child has a speech disorder
  • When to get an evaluation through Early Intervention
  • How to facilitate social communication

Workshops for Moms:

  • Self-advocacy
  • Self-care
  • Managing stress
  • Time management strategies.

Graduate Level Courses Taught:

  • Language development
  • Language disorders (pediatric)
  • Speech sound disorders
  • Motor speech disorders
  • Speech/language pathology in the school system
  • Intro to communication disorders
  • Diagnostics
  • Therapeutic treatment–from goal planning to lesson implementation.
Nicole Kolenda at table

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