For clinicians, professors and graduates, parents, and women

One of the greatest joys of my life is using my background and experience to inspire clinicians, professors & graduates, parents, and women to create voice for possibilities in their clients, in their practices, in their children, in their lives. All of my talks are evidence-based and experience-oriented, with practices and tools and techniques that my audience can begin to use immediately. I have been told that my speaking style is warm, relatable, energizing, and actionable.

While all talks can be customized and curated to meet a specific audience or event theme, specific examples of Speaking Topics include:

For Clinicians

Model Replica Chart Analysis – Understand how to use this paradigm shifting analysis to augment your current speech assessment.

From CAS to Possibility – This talk will touch on early prognostic factors, principles of motor learning, feedback & frequency, Dynamic Temporal Tactile Cueing technique, and more.

For Professors & Graduates

Ungrading :: A New Lens for Supervision – This talk will discuss the pedagogical approach to supervision

For Parents

Speech + Sound Disorders 101 – This talk is an Introduction to speech sound disorders and will cover what to do if you suspect your child has a speech sound disorder

For Women

Getting to Goal – In this talk, you will learn the 5 Pillars of Sustainable Goal Setting.

Creating Voice for Possibility – Learning how to silence your limiting beliefs, shed the stories that do not serve you, create goals and hold yourself accountable.

Balance is Bullshit – Multitasking is a myth and balance is bullshit. Set a new path forward for motherhood and beyond.

Mile 19 – The words we tell ourselves become the world we live in. Learn how to dissect when your thoughts are sabotaging you.

"Nicole is a true leader and advocate in her field and we learned so much from her visit. Her passion for helping children, mothers and families navigate issues of speech and autism is admirable. Nicole is extremely warm and our members were comfortable to ask questions about their personal concerns regarding their children's development."

Theresa King, Mother, The Wednesday Mothers' Club, NY

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Possibility doesn’t just happen. We have to expect it, we have to work for it, and sometimes we need a Playbook to help us along the way.

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