Tribbit and Categories

Tribbit and Categories: Organize Your Mental File Cabinet!

Another review with Toys are Tools! Thank YOU Jenn!  It is always a pleasure working with you–stimulating conversation and wonderful educational toys!  What more could an SLP ask for?!?

WHAT: Tribbit by Mindware and Categories by eeBoo
INVENTOR: Hank Atkins (Tribbit) and Saxton Freymann (Categories)

DOES: helps you organize the words in your head so you can use them when you need them and use them efficiently.
INVEST:  $19.95 for Tribbit; $14.95 for Categories
 8+ Tribbit; 5+ Categories

TOOLS: Foment the Love of Language; Express Yourself, My Body Needs to Move

EXPERT OPINION: Nicole Kolenda, M.S., CCC-SLP, P.C., Speech & Language Pathologist
GIVEAWAY: Win both of these awesome brain-building games!

Find Those Words- Shoot, Where Are They?

Tribbit Toy
I only pretend to be disappointed when he beats me

Today I say that I have trouble with word recall but I think the larger problem is just organization.  It’s really hard to have an organized mind.  I think so many things are interesting and so I can associate it in a variety of ways. This actually helps me to see all the amazing things a single toy has to offer but when it comes to talking out loud, I just don’t make much sense sometimes.

It’s funny how I see my kids on the same track.  When they get excited and try to tell me something, it literally sounds like someone took all the words of the sentence they are about to say, stirred them up like crazy and let them pour it all out before they had a chance to collect themselves.

New Year’s Resolution: To Have an Organized Mind

Does this type of storytelling spillage happen with your child? Even if it doesn’t, listen up because I am going to show you two speech coaches who come conveniently in the form of very well-designed card games.  To me, it’s simple: if you speak well, you have a duty to fine tune it, and if you don’t speak well, then here is something that is very useful! You win either way with Categories or Tribbit. I love them both.

Just for the record, I should tell you that I didn’t come up with this idea on my own. I learned about this from Nicole Kolenda, an experienced speech and language pathologist who treats kids in her private practice AND happens to teach at the university level in schools such as Columbia and NYU. She said that categorizing games helped a child with his communication skills. She uses both Tribbit and Categories with her clients and everyone (including the kids) thinks they’re great.”They both teach children to look with a critical eye and to think about how to categorize pictures based on different themes,” she said.

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