For the woman who is ready to see her dreams come into fruition.

Coming together in community to learn, share and create new possibilities is one of the most powerful things that we can do. Being alongside others on similar journeys as you, experiencing shared triumphs and defeats, can grow you and can change you. I have seen incredible transformations happen in groups, and I am honored to be able to facilitate in this way.

Creating Voice for Possibility groups will take place virtually, through video conference & online community. If you are wanting to learn how to speak up, declare your wishes, communicate your needs, and make yourself proud, I invite you to join these community gatherings.

My next group program will be launching soon! Details below.

In early 2020, I was training for the Brooklyn half marathon. When the country went into quarantine and large scale events were cancelled, my friends asked me why I continued training just as hard. Why was I still trying to stay on track, to beat my timed miles, to meet my goals?

And I told them what has become the foundational backbone of this group offering—that the race may have been cancelled, but that didn’t mean that my goals were.



Getting to Goal
A 6 Week Program to Become the Person that Exceeds Your Own Expectations

The reason that so many of us - children and adults alike - haven't reached the goals we've created for ourselves in the past is because the foundation wasn't in place to do so. So often, we set lofty goals only to find ourselves stuck in a cycle of failure.

Without us even realizing, this cycle has been crushing our spirits and keeping us small. After a while, we stop declaring our dreams, as we don’t want to risk not following through.

It’s time to follow through.

Getting To Goal introduces a brand new foundation to prepare for and meet the goals you set.

To stop the cycles and the stories that have been keeping you from a day, a year, a life that makes you proud.

It’s time to get motivated. To stay consistent.
To become the type of person that keeps their promises.
To become the type of person that makes you proud.

This 6 Week Program will offer a systematic approach to creating new possibilities in your life. Based on the Principles of Motor Learning and grounded in Social Cognitive Theory, this research-backed protocol will set you up for success.

Each week, we will come together for an hour to learn new techniques, be coached, stay accountable, and share our progress. We will stay connected through accountability partners & an online private Facebook group.

Week 1 Image of Flowers

Week 1
Setting intentions and creating goals


Week 2
Develop your Possibility Gameplan using the Principles of Motor Learning

Week 3 Group of Women

Week 3
Solidify your feedback team

Week 4 Workout Photo

Week 4
Repetition and Frequency

Week 5 Woman After A Workout

Week 5
Repetition and Frequency

Week 6 Group of Women Celebrating with Confetti

Week 6

Self Investment: $299

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