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This course highlights an easy way to teach social awareness and improve pragmatic skills in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Thought bubbles and books will be used to showcase a relatively simple method that can be used over and over again. Your child will gain an increased understanding of the thoughts and actions of others—which is the basis of all social communication.

Learning Outcomes: 1) Use thought bubbles to showcase social-emotional learning. 2) Support pragmatic learning through character interaction in children's books. 3) Hypothesize how a character might react in a situation. 4) Use appropriate verbalizations to accurately reflect a character's intentions.

Parent Helping Child with Speech

If you suspect your child has a speech sound disorder (maybe your child has trouble getting certain sounds out or people frequently ask him to repeat himself) this course will help you identify what your child’s specific difficulties may be and put you on the right path to help him.

If your child has just been diagnosed with a speech sound disorder—let me help you understand the mechanics behind how this diagnosis is assigned.

If your child is currently in therapy for a speech sound disorder—let me help you understand what good therapy should look like and how solid treatment plans are formed.

Child Speech Language Therapy with Charting
Using a Model/Replica Chart Analysis to Compliment the Diagnostic Assessment for Students with Speech Sound Disorders

This course will highlight an easy-to-use (and quick!) addition to your comprehensive speech assessment. It is designed for your more "challenging" cases, and will guide you to consider syllable position in respect to your clients' current skill level and subsequent treatment plan development.

You will be amazed at how when you take the time to do an independent analysis of your clients' skill level—how much information you will glean.

"Nicole embodies all the traits of a great coach. She is deeply sensitive and has an innate understanding of people. She comes from a place of intuitive wisdom and is well versed in self-care, wellness and wellbeing. She beautifully applies that wisdom when working with special needs moms and others who are interested in making a difference in their lives. Her approach is both nurturing and grounding. As her teacher, I find her light beautifully inspiring."


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